The workshops of the Children’s Club ORkidCA were visited by over 800 curious nature and animal loving kids during 2019. In addition to the workshops, this year’s buddies also made temporary homes for abandoned animals, fed swans on the Danube and explored the world of nature and animals on the ORkidCA site.  These activities marked the year 2019 at the Children’s Club ORkidCA.


Winter challenge

For the youngest lovers of animals and nature and their parents, ORkidCa has prepared a Winter Challenge. We wanted to encourage the buddies to go outside, enjoy the nature and see the world with the eyes of detectives for animals and help them during cold days. This game is designed so that the parents and their children can help animals or study nature. Ice art, making a home for hedgehogs, and writing weather logs are just some of the interesting tasks that have entertained ORkidCA buddies. The buddies liked the challenge so much that they wished it lasted all year, and we have fulfilled their wish and created a Nature Challenge – a game on the ORkidCA website and therefore enabled the little buddies to proudly wear the title “ORkidCA nature explorers” once they successfully complete all the tasks.

Setting up the bird feeders and doghouses

Children’s Club ORkidCA launched a school section at the premises of Laza Kostić Elementary School at the end of February. The little buddies wanted to do something useful for the animals and help find them a shelter. That’s why they made three cardboard dog houses and put them together in New Belgrade blocks. They were over the moon when they realized the next day that the houses already got their inhabitants – abandoned dogs who were grateful for the temporary home. In addition to dog houses, the little buddies also decided to help the birds and that’s why they made feeders, hung them on every tree in the schoolyard and thus helped the birds survive the winter days.

Feeding swans on the Zemun Quay

In addition to the workshops, ORkidCA buddies also enjoy joint actions.  This year we fed swans on the Danube together and talked about the needs of aquatic birds.

Now every ORkidCA buddy knows that these beautiful birds shouldn’t be fed with bread, but with corn. At the end of our get-together, we climbed the Gardoš Tower and enjoyed the view of the whole city.

Birthday in ORkidCA

How much ORkidCA means to our little buddies is best shown in the example of our friend Ognjen who wanted to celebrate his ninth birthday during ORkidCA workshops. To everyone’s delight – this wish was granted. Together we enjoyed in our get-together and cake and took the best impressions from this celebration.

ORkidCA website and superheros

During 2019, ORkiCA world became richer for one more site to play and get-together –  ORkiCA website.  On the ORkiCA website we write the  Journal of good deeds and together show everyone how much we can do for our planet and its inhabitants. In the break from writing the Journal, we are completing the levels of the game Nature Challenge. Once we complete all the challenges, we will become ORkiCA explorers – nature preservers. Our drawings, stories, photos and videos showing how we helped animals and nature found their place and we call it “Draw, Write, Take Photos”. When we want to learn something new, we find the answers in the “Treasury of Knowledge”. ORkiCA superheros – Marko and Maša follow us through the entire adventure.

ORkidCA at the Mixed breed Show

At the Grand Annual Mixed breed Show, ORkidCA buddies drew portraits of dogs, made figurines from recycled material and together we looked for happy, sad and angry dogs. An ORkidCA prize was also awarded to a crossbreed puppy who participated in the show and who was jointly selected as a winner in this category. Voting was uncertain until the very end, but in the end we gave the cup to the dog named Tafi whom we liked the most.

Setting up cat houses

Our little friends from Children’s Club ORkidCA made a house for abandoned kittens during November workshop. They wanted to give the kittens a temporary home and that’s why the  left a cat house and food in the nearby park with their parents and a dog named Lucky. We couldn’t find the kittens because they hid, but Mrs. Milica who takes care of abandoned animals whispered to us that they have visited their new home as soon as the night fell and that they liked the house very much.